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Outreach Programs

This is a large outreach program of the National Apostolic Christian Church that primarily provides humanitarian aid in the form of funds, food, clothing, shelter, medical care, disaster relief, child support, and numerous other services to needy individuals both locally and around the world.

Its mission statement is: To provide humanitarian aid and volunteer labor to alleviate human misery and suffering throughout the world in a way that is a Christian witness and brings glory to God. We seek to serve our Lord by sharing our resources and abilities to benefit both the body and soul of those in need and thereby communicate the love of God through His Son, Jesus Christ.

We urge everyone to prayerfully consider the needs of this program and to learn more about the significant opportunities available through this outreach of our church. There is a tremendous amount of information available on the Apostolic Christian World Relief website. If you aren’t familiar with that site you would be amazed at all of the information presented there and the sheer number of programs in which World Relief is participating.

Some examples of Outreach assisting World Relief:

Japanese Tsunami Aid
In the aftermath of the Japanese tsunami, World Relief has supported the disaster relief efforts with grants of $90,000. These funds have been used to provide essential items such as temporary shelter, food, hygiene supplies, medicine, first aid and essential equipment for those providing assistance. World Relief has also been supporting our brethren in Japan to help with their efforts as well. The Outreach Committee would like to help replenish World Relief funds by having a special collection the next two weeks. Please place any donations in the collection box and mark them “Japan”. If you would prefer, you may also go to the Outreach page of the church website and click the DONATE button to donate using PayPal. When using PayPal, you can donate using a credit/debit card, a checking/savings account or an existing PayPal balance. Please note “Japan” under “Add Special Instructions”. The Outreach Committee thanks you for your support in this effort.

Tornado Destruction Aid
The Outreach Committee has seen an increase in need from tornadoes that have swept through the South. In 2011 a series of tornadoes ripped a path of destruction across much of the state of Alabama and other southern states. In addition to the enormous loss of property, more than 350 lives were lost as a result of these storms. Whole towns were destroyed as these storms raced across the region. A tornado passed within two miles of the Athens Apostolic Christian Church with little damage to the facilities. Just minutes away, however, there is massive destruction of homes and businesses. Electrical power is out over much of the region where high-tension power lines have been knocked down. World Relief immediately deployed equipment to the area to aid in cleanup efforts and will continue to give to the families and communities that have suffered devastation from extreme weather. The Outreach Committee would like to replenish some of these funds for the World Relief. We will be holding a two week collection to aid these efforts. Please continue to prayerfully consider how God would direct you in the stewardship of His funds. Checks may be made payable to the Outreach Fund and marked ‘Alabama’.

Haitian Earthquake Aid
The Outreach Committee assisted financially so humanitarian aid and volunteer labor could help alleviate human misery and suffering after the earthquake.

Thank you for giving!

Committee Members

Ray Bauer
Rob Leman
Court Sauder
Darin Leman

Email us:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Outreach Committee Mission

The Bloomington-Normal Apostolic Christian Church Outreach Committee exists to further the kingdom of God:

  • To encourage believers to consistently give financially
  • To inform our congregation of the needs in our community and abroad
  • To be a sounding board for all financial needs that are shared with us
  • To teach and share biblical teachings of stewardship